Adafruit free MQTT service

I’ve managed to connect to adafruits free MQTT service ( - changed the size of “char mqtt_pass” to fit the AIO key.

However i get a “subscription to +/+/433toMQTT failed”.
To verify i’ve tested from from nodered and it works.
OMG dosnt seem to pass a value from base_topic and gateway_name, readable to adafruit’s MQTT server

Anyone able to point me in the right direction???

Hello. Could you share your config_rf.h and user_config.h without credentials please ?

Here’s a link to the files

Thanks for doing this awesome work and sharing…

So as to avoid duplicate on a multi gateway installation one OMG gateway monitor what the other OMG gateways receive by subscribing to:

#define subjectMultiGTWRF "+/+/433toMQTT"

This principle is working on a local broker but may not work on a public one.

Try maybe to replace in your config files


or an equivalent.

It is possible that your public broker doesn’t support subscribing to all the topics at 2 different levels.