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AVATTO S06 / BAKEEY IR gateway

For info here is the adaptation of the AVATTO/BAKEEY IR Gateway with OpenMQTTGateway

Soldering on these tiny pads is not easy ! But I succeeded :slight_smile: Better than building an IR gateway yourself.

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@francisp - if you add

board_build.ldscript = eagle.flash.1m.ld

to the platformio env configuration you’ll be able to do OTA updates for future OMG version, instead of having to resolder every time :wink:

With the current default partition there won’t be enough space to upload a new OTA build. Just came accross this when testing 0.9.5-beta, so had to resolder again as well for the initial wired uplaod with the larger partition.

I left about 2 cm of wire on the board, just to avoid to have to resolder :slight_smile: But good to know, thanks for the information.

Hi again @1technophile, @francisp and all,

After I received more AVATTO S06 devices today for myself and for friends, I thought about an alternative to soldering and unsoldering them all for the initial upload of OMG.

Here is a link to my 3D printed Dupont cable holder for the S06 board I came up with, in case anyone else is interested.

Maybe don’t use Dupont cables which still have some soldering tin on the pins, as I did :wink: but it worked great to flash OMG onto 5 devices successively very quickly.


I did have some consistent OTA update issues with the above 1m ldscript, not sure if it’s because it has a 0Kb/no spiff partition, but

board_build.ldscript = eagle.flash.1m64.ld

works consistently fine for repeated OTA updates on the Avattos for me, but it requires to not use WiFi manager with the build_flags


due to the slightly smaller sketch partition. As I use WifiManualSetup for all my OMGs this works great for me.

Best to mention it here, as I previously recommended eagle.flash.1m.ld, in case others have problems with consistent OTAs as well with that script.

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So I changed my settings to this, erased and flashed the device again, and it is up for 33 hours. And OTA is working. Thank you!