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CC1101 (433 Transceiver )

Anyone using this device?

Looks like it has a good antenna.

I already have a gateway with a Trransmitter STX882 and Receiver SRX882, but I can not get the signal from a sensor on the edge of my house.

Is this sensor inplace replacement?

This device is not supported by OMG.

By the way may I advise you 2 things:

  • add good antennas to your transmitter and receiver
  • if it is not enough add a second gateway

I use

with the antennas. I read the suggested post (from some weather portal) related to using other antennas but I do not think it will be easy to attach better antenna to this.

Also for the transmitter I can use 9V for better range right? But the receiver should not use anything over 5V?

I already replaced the wire antenna at the smoke sensor with a spiral one so I can not do more.

STX882 is rated for 6V max, it will not support 9V see details below:

SRX882 is rated for 5V:

Yes I think the antennas could be better, you are using the basics ones. If you know how to solder it can be done easily to add an armed wire and a more performant antenna.
Some infos there


Then I will order this too:

Just cut the small connector on the end and solder the outer layer to GND and the core to Antenna pin?

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Yes and fix the antenna to a plan base.

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Hi there.
I’m using these CC1101, but not with OpenMediaGateway because it’s saddly not supported.
I’m using it with a NodeMCU-Board and a flashed SignalESP, which supports CC1101.
The CC1101 is able to sniff my no-name-weather sensors accross my home… Maybe someone can tell me, how i can use other RF-Receiver with OpenMediaGateway to readout these temperature sensors properly. I had no luck in the past doing that. If that would work, i would replace my SignalESP with an OpenMediaGateway


Could you indicate the brand and model of your sensors?

Hi, thanks for reply,
the CC1101 is a TI-CC1101 on in and i bought it here:

but i think you propably meant my other current with openmediagateway working sensors:
RBX6 v2 and FS1000A 2008-8…

i know, they are really ugly once and if its a problem i would change them to some better parts if that helps to work.

I mean more if you have a link to your no name weather sensors ?

its something like IAN279818

It works pretty well with the CC1101 and SignalESP but i can’t capture any data with the RBX-Receiver…
So i tried to get the OpenMQTTGateway-CC1101 samples working, the last one with the lib from LSATAN seems to talk fine with the CC1101 but only captures signals from my RF-Remote :-D,

maybe that helps:
the CC1101 receives the following Manchester-code with SignalESP…


I have read that pilight supports a weatherstation from Lidl (Ninja blocks).
So maybe try the pilight version of OMG?

Thanks for the suggestion… i will test it…
I spend the half day on RF-investigation… It seems to be a bit more complex as i thought. SignalESP has a complex class especial for analyzing the received signals…also the receiver has to be set up in a special way, but i couln’t yet figure out how…
so i will try the pilight version later…

The OpenMqttGateway Pilight Version with CC1101 works well with the LSatan Lib… But it only captures signals from my switching sockets with the quigg_gt9000 protocol. But no weather signals will be received :frowning:

Yeah, the only gateway that recognises my Lidl outdoor sensor is RFLink, OMG RF and Pilight know nothing about it :frowning:

And how is it? It’s a directional antenna so you might have hard time getting it in the right position to actually improve the range…

Waaay better. I was thinking about adding a second geteway but it works great. I also replaced the spiral wire antenna of the smoke detectors and I have 100% coverage at home (100m^3)

Thanks for the info.
Do I get it right that you connected that antenna to your OMG receiver?
And what antenna do you use with your smoke detector now?

For information: CC1101 is now natively supported by OMG: