ESP32 BLE range extension


Using ESP32 Dev V1 board for BLE MQTT gateway with MI temp/Hum probe.

Coverage is very low in my house, despite I installed ESP32 in a central zone.

Which board do you use to extend BLE range ? external antenna can improve.

any experience to share ?

How much do you have ?

-80 to -90 dbm

It sees only 3 on my 7sensors at same floor.

My house is however widely open

I’lm looking for esp32 model with external antenna

Here is some infos about the range I have :

With an esp32 dev board

I struggle with this like tparvais.
I’ve tested an ESP32CAM module with a pigtail and different antennas. It was better by 10db.
I’m also waiting for this to arrive: link
And I will let you know the results when it’s tested. It’s clearly for testing as I can by 3 ESP32CAM for the price of this.

I’m currently testing this board (given by Olimex)

And the first results seems very promising. I’m getting data from a mi flora outside, with the gateway inside with a wall and a window between both. The gateway is 9 meters away from the Mi Flora.

I’m using it with the Wifi for the moment.