How to autodiscover KAKU dimmer

Autodiscovery into is easy:
send a message to this topic: /homeassistant/light/110/config and push the payload like this:
“name”: “110 Dimmer”,
“command_topic”: “Home/Mq2/commands/MQTTtoRF2”,
“payload_on”: “{“unit”:0,“groupBit”:0,“period”:261,“address”:888110,“switchType”:1}”,
“payload_off”: “{“unit”:0,“groupBit”:0,“period”:261,“address”:888110,“switchType”:0}”,
That automagically creates a switch on the dashboard.

But I wat a dimmer .

I can send dim commands through MQTT like this :
topic: Home/Mq2/commands/MQTTtoRF2
payload: {
“unit”: 0,
“groupBit”: 0,
“period”: 261,
“address”: 888110,
“switchType”: 2,
“dim”: 10

So… now I want to push an autodiscovery to ( Home Assistant ) so that I get a nice dimmable light.

Tried different things. No luck. Who knows how to get it done?

Well, short update. I think this one is too advanced, cause in Homeassistant there needs to be a “input numbers” identity for providing the slider for dimming, and the payload needs to be handled by an automation.

I don’t think that’s something OMG can handle through publishing one message :stuck_out_tongue:

I did solve it by not using autodiscovery at all, and just put it in Homeassistant manually