Inkbird HA Integration Values

Hi mates,

I recently discovered this project which solves the Bluetooth limit of my Inkbird IBT-2x thermometer, but there is something I can’t explain with my integration with HA. Looks like it adds each value to the previous one in an incremental way…

Can you help me? I’m using the bundled release on esp32dev board, BLE without recoursive scans.


That’s strange, which version are you using ?

This from the log:

************* WELCOME TO OpenMQTTGateway **************
[16:18:34]N: OpenMQTTGateway Version: v0.9.13
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_server": "",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_port": "1883",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_user": "*****",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_pass": "*****",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_topic": "home/",
[16:18:34]  "gateway_name": "OpenMQTTGateway",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_broker_secure": false,
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_broker_cert": "",
[16:18:34]  "mqtt_ss_index": 0,
[16:18:34]  "ota_server_cert": ""
[16:18:34]}*WM: [1] Free heap:        152004
[16:18:34]*WM: [1] ESP-IDF version:  v3.3.5-1-g85c43024c

Thanks, are you using it with autodiscovery or with a manual configuration. If with manual configuration, could you share it ?

Autodiscovery, it needs a couple of minutes to get the temperature at first.

Seems like if there was a decoded value that increase with the time.

Would be good to catch it in the serial monitor and share the full log if possible.

We may need to have the firmware built in debug mode. Do you know how to do it ?
Or should I share with you a bin file ?

I have the same issue. I am using whatever the new build is for the change in I forget what it was ibbq to ibbx or something

I think I know how to flash a bin file but would have no clue where to look for logs


Sure, I can load the bin and copy the log from nodemcu flasher

I would love to help if I can. If I had a bin file for [esphome flasher] esp32 dev board
(GitHub - esphome/esphome-flasher: Simple GUI tool to flash ESPs over USB) I could see the logs.


While it’ll be most conclusive to wait for @1technophile’s debugging binary, one thing we can see from your screenshots is that @monkeypr00f has the temperature probe inserted into socket no.1, whereas @PapaLanc has it in socket no.2. So it doesn’t seem to be a probe/socket and corresponding decoding related issue.

Would both of you be able to monitor the MQTT output in MQTT Explorer for a while, to see if the same temperature jumps are visible there in the device’s MQTT history when they do occur in your HA history chart?


i have no clue how to do this

I linked it to the download page, just click on the blue MQTT Explorer here or in my last message and download it for your platform.

Or a direct download link for your Windows platform:

Okay ::slight_smile:
Now what am I looking for? I do not see inkbird

Great, on the left side expand the triangle for OpenMQTTGateway_ESP32_BLE and the triangle for BTtoMQTT, there you should see the IBT-2X among your one other BLE sensor.

Thanks, now what smiley face

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On the right side you see its current value message, with red indicating the previous values and green the new values for the various changing values like temperature and also rssi.

Underneath you also see History with the number 9 (probably gone up by now) indicating how many messages have been received by that sensor since you started MQTT Explorer. If you expand the history you can click through each one of these historical direct messages which have been broadcast by the IBT-2X.

So if the jump shows up in HA it would be great to see which actual broadcast message in the Explorer history relates to it/them.


So do you actually have two probes with the IBT-2X?


I cannot figure out history. Sorry
Done for today. Thanks for your help !