Integrate new 433MHz device BPT010

Is it possible to add this device to OMG?

It works with 433MHz, but I wasn’t able to receive something with the RF module of OMG. I also tried the RF2 Kaku module.

Did you try with pilight also?

not yet. I will try.

Tried it with pilight in the meantime. Doesn’t work unfortunately.

I had to pair this device with the relay it controls, does this mean it doesn’t work with omg?

So if a device needs pairing it won’t work with OMG? Can we say that?

Not necessary, for example DG-LADA is paired but works with OMG.

It is more a matter of supported protocols.

Would it help to know the name of the protocol? I could try getting that information from the manufacturer.

Not really, the best way would be to do a reverse engineering with Pilight by using pilight-debug command.

Is there a documentation somewhere on who to do this?

I would still be interested in this


You can search on the pilight wiki or forum you should grab some info there