Is there a way to read the white-list data?

Once a white-list is set, is there a way to “read” the data, IE: see the current list of MAC addresses permitted ?


Not at the moment. I’m thinking of replacing the white list method by a filter, so I may consider this when doing it.

Thanks for the feedback, will stay tuned.

Hi @Montreal666

If you set your white-list with the suggested retain flag, so as to keep it persistent over restarts, you should be able to see it in MQTT Explorer or MQTT.fx as a retained message.


Good idea, thank you!


Retain will “retain” the last published payload.
let’s say I want to retain more than one “config” parameter.
I’ve tried sending multiple values within the same payload IE (via Home assistant) :

  - service: mqtt.publish
    metadata: {}
      retain: true
      topic: OMG_BLE2/OMG_BLE2/commands/MQTTtoBT/config
      payload: >-

but this doesn’t seem to go through. Any advice?


For any other config parameters you should use the "save":true option when setting them, so as they get saved in the gateway’s flash memory and are persistent across restarts, and not use any retain flag for them. All these can be sent together, apart from the white- or black list command.

Thank you, and no need to use {“load”:true} upon restart; it will be reloaded automatically?

Any reason for using “save”:true vs a retain flag for topics other than “config” (intervalcnct, etc.)?


> OpenMQTTGateway has the capability to save the current configuration and reload it at startup.

So yes.

A retained message should really only be used for a white- or black-list, all the other settings can be saved to the flash of the gateway.