It seems not to receive radio signals

Goodmorning everyone!

Wanting to integrate my burglar alarm into openHAB, I decided to use openMQTTGateway to convert the sensor’s 433Mhz RF signals into MQTT messages.
I immediately encountered a problem.
It looks as if my NodeMCU does not read the RF receiver.
Only once I think I have read something, but after all the tests, the wiring and the changes made frankly I’m not so sure.

I tried the same receiver on an arduino nano with the test sketch of the RCSwitch library and it works very well.

I tried the same receiver on the same nodemcu with a sketch of Martin-Laclaustra, ProtocolAnalyzeDemo, and I see all the signals sent by my sensors.

I tried to use the openMQTTGateway implementation with Markus Haak’s Homie

but I find the same problem.

Frankly, I do not know what to do anymore.

Can you help me?!

Thanks bye!

Could you post pictures of your setup please?

sure here it is.

The power I take from the Vu pin of the NodeMCU, the RF reading I do from pin D2:

mySwitch.enableReceive (D2);

At the moment I uploaded the sketch with the HOMIE version.

Are you sure you have power with VU, I used to use Vin from the nodemcu, the best way is to check with a multimeter.

Precise 5v … The Vu pin is the power supply of the USB port.

Did you try with the receiver connected to D2 (set 4 in config_rf.h) ?

I’m trying to recompile and load your sketc but it fails in compiling:

/home/max/Scrivania/OpenMQTTGateway-development/OpenMQTTGateway/OpenMQTTGateway.ino: In function ‘void setup ()’:
OpenMQTTGateway: 378: 13: error: ‘setupRF’ was not declared in this scope
setupRF ();
/home/max/Scrivania/OpenMQTTGateway-development/OpenMQTTGateway/OpenMQTTGateway.ino: In function ‘void loop ()’:
OpenMQTTGateway: 677: 16: error: ‘RFtoMQTT’ was not declared in this scope
RFtoMQTT ();
/home/max/Scrivania/OpenMQTTGateway-development/OpenMQTTGateway/OpenMQTTGateway.ino: In function ‘void receivingMQTT (char *, char *)’:
OpenMQTTGateway: 895: 34: error: ‘MQTTtoRF’ was not declared in this scope
MQTTtoRF (topicOri, jsondata);
OpenMQTTGateway: 925: 40: error: ‘MQTTtoRF’ was not declared in this scope
MQTTtoRF (topicOri, datacallback);

strange I worked there until yesterday, maybe I have updated some libraries …

It should compile, maybe try to redownload the code and your libraries

done several times, now I have downloaded the latest version, but it does not go…

… it’s an evil eye! :frowning:

resolved, it was the version of irremoteesp8266, reported in 2.4.3

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the easiest way is to take the folder included in lib folder of OMG and copy them to your libraries folder set into arduino ide preferences.

hello, I solved the problem of reception, in practice the nodeMcu wants pin 13 (D7) to receive the RF. Done that works everything beautifully.
Thanks a lot, bye!