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Meater wireless BBQ temperature probe

Has anyone looked into integrating the meater probes? Specifically the original without the repeater in the base. It has such a short range but if OMG could be the repeater to HA or other dashboard it would be great.

I have one laying around, they seems to need a connection. So not so out of the box compared to INKBIRD ones

Let me take a look again to it

Also interested in more support for Bbq probes. I guess this one (Meater basic probe) uses Bluetooth right? A bit concerned about product longevity vs high temperatures…

More protocols is always good as it provides flexibility to choose the right product.
However if you need a tested solution meanwhile, I currently use Thermopro products via RTL_433 & MQTT, they broadcast on 433Mhz and work quite well, especially if you have a good antenna for reception (mine is in the attic so I can use a BBQ at the back of my yard)
Also, the manufacturer stands behind its products and offer great support; dead probes are changed free of charge.

Watching thread :slight_smile: