My Daikin AC - IRRecvDumpV2 work corretly but OMG no

In the end i noticed that IRremoteESP8266 gave me more reliable results for my Daikin rather then OMG so i decided to use the IRMQTTSERVER.ino and modified it to include ir_Daikin and the analysis of recieved message according to dumpACInfo function.
I modified it to publish a new mqtt topic ir_server/daikin and i modified that function to create a json.
I am sorry in the end i didn’t use OMG but looked easier to me to modify the IRremoteESP8266.
Next challenge is to prepare the JSON payload for ir_send to send message to IR.
In the end, here is a payload:

{"Power":"ON","Mode":0,"Temp":27,"Fan":10,"Powerful":"OFF","Quiet":"OFF","Sensor":"OFF","Eye":"ON","Mold":"OFF","Comfort":"OFF","SwingH":"OFF","SwingV":"OFF","CurrentTime":"19:18","Current Day":,"OnTime":"OFF","OffTime":"OFF"}

here is my openhab thing definition:

Thing mqtt:topic:irmqtt (mqtt:broker:localBroker) {
    Type string : irmsgsend "AC_rawstring"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", commandTopic="ir_server/daikin"]
    Type switch : acpower "AC_power"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Power"]
    Type string : acmode "AC_mode"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Mode"]
    Type number : actemperature "AC_temperature"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Temp"]
    Type number : acwind "AC_wind"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Fan"]
    Type switch : acwindswing "AC_swing"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.SwingV"]
    Type switch : acpowerful "AC_powerful"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Powerful"]
    Type switch : accomfort "AC_comfort"  [stateTopic="ir_server/daikin", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.Comfort"]


Here is .items

Group AC "Air conditioner"

Group g_AC “LivingRoom Daikin” [ “Thermostat”, “Celsius” ]
Switch AC_power “AC Power” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:acpower” }
String AC_mode “AC Mode” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:acmode” }
Number AC_set_temp “AC Temperature” (AC, g_AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:actemperature” }
Number AC_windlevel “Wind” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:acwind” }
Switch AC_windswing “Wind Swing” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:acwindswing” }
Switch AC_powermode “Powerful” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:acpowerful” }
Switch AC_comfort “Comfort” (AC) { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:accomfort” }

String AC_rawstring “AC Command” { channel=“mqtt:topic:irmqtt:irmsgsend” }

and this is .sitemap

    Switch item=AC_power label="Power" icon="heating"
    Setpoint item=AC_set_temp minValue=18 maxValue=32 step=1 icon="temperature" label="Setpoint [%.0f °C]"
    Switch item=AC_mode label="Mode" icon="sofa" mappings=[0="Auto", 2="Dry", 3="Cool", 4="Heat", 6="Fan"]
    Switch item=AC_windlevel label="Wind level" icon="fan" mappings=[10="Auto", 11= "Calm", 1="▂", 2="▃", 3="▄", 4="▆", 5="▇"]
    Switch item=AC_windswing label="Wind swing" icon="aircon_swing"
    Switch item=AC_powermode label="Power mode" icon="wind"
    Switch item=AC_comfort label="Comfort" icon="econmode"

Interesting, with the same versions of IRremoteESP8266 library?

No problem, at final the essential is that you use case is satisfied.

Thanks for the integrations examples, at the end I need to see how we can facilitate AC integration into OMG

Hello, with OMG protocol was not always properly detected, i got several different results.
Version of IRremoteESP8266 is the latest (2.6.0), downloaded from github.
I will be happy to switch back to OMG as soon as things are easier :wink:

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Hi, i see today there is a new relase of library IRremoteESP8266. In particular there is new example code called IRMQTTServer.ino ( published today 7 hours ago.
I try to upload to my NodeMcu and i make some test (in my home assistant i just add this code for A/C):

  platform: mqtt
  name: Living Room Aircon
    - "off"
    - "auto"
    - "cool"
    - "heat"
    - "dry"
    - "fan_only"
   - "auto"
   - "min"
   - "low"
   - "medium"
   - "high"
   - "max"
  - "off"
  - "auto"
  - "highest"
  - "high"
  - "middle"
  - "low"
  - "lowest"
power_command_topic: "ir_server/ac/cmnd/power"
mode_command_topic: "ir_server/ac/cmnd/mode"
mode_state_topic: "ir_server/ac/stat/mode"
temperature_command_topic: "ir_server/ac/cmnd/temp"
temperature_state_topic: "ir_server/ac/stat/temp"
fan_mode_command_topic: "ir_server/ac/cmnd/fanspeed"
fan_mode_state_topic: "ir_server/ac/stat/fanspeed"
swing_mode_command_topic: "ir_server/ac/cmnd/swingv"
swing_mode_state_topic: "ir_server/ac/stat/swingv"
min_temp: 16
max_temp: 32
temp_step: 1
retain: false

So i try to control my A/C unit and it work in all mode now. I’m very happy.

From remote to A/C device (feedback in HA)
I press mode button and my device change state (and in HA i see new device state correctly) and that for all buttons: temp+ , temp- , fan, etc…

From HA to A/C device
I change in my HA the component “climate” and for every changes my nodemcu send send the corrispondent IR signal to my A/C (and without generate 153 or more scripts… ). Fantastic!

My question is : is so difficult include that code in OMG? I would like continue to use OMG. All code you need is in the file IRMQTTServer.ino
I hope you will find the time to make this integration because it will be very happy all users of OMG community, i’m the first :wink:

I don’t think it is difficult, it is more a question of time and priority. Let me take a look and I will go back to you.

Ok… i will wait. Thank you for all work you make for us of community :wink:

Hi friend… do you test it?