Need wiring/connection help for arduino mega + ethernet hat + RF transmitter and receiver + SR505 motion sensor + IR

I am very much new to arduino and its programming but slowly learning my way around.
Would like to know how to wire up the above AIO combination WITHOUT the need of a breadboard. Reason being I wish to have the AIO as compact as possible for use in a bedroom (within a 3D printed enclosure

Very much appreciate any help


Hello, what do you mean by AIO ?

All in One.
That means I would like to have RF, IR and Motion sensor functions in the same setup.

Appreciate any guide/help. Thank you


Did you took a look to that

And this :

Hi Florian,
Yes I did look at those 2 links. However, I am looking for a cable connection guide that does NOT require the use of a breadbox. As I am an arduino newbie, would appreciate any help.

thank you.


You need a kind of ready to solder board or shield isn’t it?

Hi Florian,
I am not sure what I need, but I welcome any suggestions to any accessory that will help.
If possible, would be great if I just need to connect everything with jumpers


There is no ready to use shield for the configuration you are expecting.
You will have to breadboard or to solder if you want something on the long term.

I dont mind light soldering. Would you be able to provide a connection diagram for the equipment i stated?