No SYStoMQTT messages or rf payload messages


I flashed my sonoff rf bridge r2 v1 with OMG 0.9, using arduino ide 1.88. I have also use the esp8266 community version 2.5.0.

Here is the User_config.h

//#define ZgatewayRF “RF” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayRF315 “RF315” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayIR “IR” //ESP8266, Arduino, Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define ZgatewayPilight “Pilight” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayBT “BT” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayRF2 “RF2” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
#define ZgatewaySRFB “SRFB” // Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define Zgateway2G “2G” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZgatewayRFM69 “RFM69” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZactuatorONOFF “ONOFF” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define ZsensorINA226 “INA226” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorHCSR501 “HCSR501” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define ZsensorADC “ADC” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorBH1750 “BH1750” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorTSL2561 “TSL2561” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorBME280 “BME280” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorDHT “DHT” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge
//#define ZsensorGPIOKeyCode “GPIOKeyCode” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
//#define ZsensorGPIOInput “GPIOInput” //ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32
#define ZmqttDiscovery “HADiscovery”//ESP8266, Arduino, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge

//#define MDNS_SD //uncomment if you want to use mdns for discovering automatically your ip server, please note that MDNS with ESP32 can cause the BLE to not work
#define maxMQTTretry 4 //maximum MQTT connection attempts before going to wifi setup

//set minimum quality of signal so it ignores AP’s under that quality
#define MinimumWifiSignalQuality 8

The arduino flash settings were

Generic ESP8285 Module
CPU Freq: 80 MHz
Upload: 115200
Flash Size: 1M (no spiffs)
Erase Flash: Only Sketch

All complied and flashed ok. On reenabling the switch and booting, it brought up the wifimanager ssid, i configured to my wifi, and I set the mqtt topic.

On my mqtt server I see birth messages and version number broadcast, however I never see any SYStoMQTT status updates, and if I use a rf remote, the red light flashes but the payload doesn’t appear on the mqtt server, have also used a door sensor, again red light flashes but no payload messages.

Any ideas as I guess I missed a setting in the config file somewhere ?!?!



Managed to fix this myself, i needed to adjust the MQTT MAX PACKET SIZE in the pubsubclient.h file. this is my new value


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Great that you found the issue. Please note that the embedded pubsub library in lib folder is already set to 1024. If you have not done it for the others. you should take the libraries from the omg lib folder.


the weird thing is that when I press my RF transmitters it does not turn on anything in the SonOff RF, the one that I have is the R2