Pool temp 433mhz

Anyone try something like this
US $22.29 29%OFF | Wireless Solar Power Floating Swimming Pool Accessory Equipment Water Thermometer

Hello @Moshe_Perez

In my side I didn’t had the chance to test it

Just ordered one… will let you know when it arrives and I can test it

hi together i have bougt this pool thermometer and now i want use the openmqtt Gateway with 433 MHz can you give me a tip to make this. i want include it with a wemos d1 and a 433 mhz module. I hope it will work

if you want i can give a link to bought it for 29 euro


Received it. Unfortunately, tried openmqtt in RF or pilight and none of the two detected anything.
Tried on a laptop with an SDR and with rtl_433 and it was immediately detected as a WT0124 Pool Thermometer, transmitting every 30 seconds. rtl_433 was able to decode the temperature out of the box.
Is there anything I can provide to help getting this supported in openmqttgateway?

Yes you could provide the raw extract and a picture of what you are seeing on the thermometer in the meantime.

Actually, can maybe do better than that.
Below is the src from rtl_433 for that device; it includes a breakdown of the signal format.
Note I learnt that WT0124 and WT0122 are the same (just missing the solar panel on the transmitter), so this’d cover both.