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Qingping ClearGrass weather station with temperature, humidity and air pressure (Barometric)

Let’s have a look of an interesting new BLE device from cleargrass with the following characteristics:

  • Temperature -20°C to 50°C (0.2°C accuracy)
  • Humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Wifi
  • BLE
  • Lora (not verified)
  • Integrated battery 3350mAh
  • clock and date
  • usb C plug

Affiliated link

The device is quite bigger compared to Mi jia standard version. The display is the same technology as the mi jia (not e-ink)
It is not compatible with the Mi Home app, you will have to download an apk from this web site:

Once downloaded you can activate the Bluetooth of your device by pressing several seconds the top button.
You can search for the device into the app and connect to it.
Once connected you can setup a wifi connection to upload the data to Cleargrass servers regularly.
The app enable to access to firmware upgrade, currently the latest is 2.0.3_0031

I connected it to my wifi but I don’t know if it is a compulsory step to retrieve data through BLE. In all the case with the app you can setup the upload interval. In my case I have set a wifi connection every 24h as I’m not going to retrieve data by wifi but by BLE.

The fact that the device can go down to -20°C open new use cases, for example deepfrizing monitoring.

I’m able to read temperature, humidity and barometric pressure with OMG:

This is integrated from this PR:

The device doesn’t need to have the bluetooth symbol shown to advertise its sensor data.

Here is some pictures:

Yes you can read like me LoraWan and NB IOT !! But I don’t know why they are mentionned here. If a chinese user can help translating the notice, it would be great!

Maybe I’m dreaming but if we could have this kind of device compatible with BLE and Lora and maybe hack them to diffuse to The Things Network it would be amazing!

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I’m so glad you’re so quick on the trigger with these things! I also debated buying this ( a couple of weeks ago when there was a coupon, but wasn’t sure if you could integrate it like the other ones.
By the way, can you do a quick comparison of the values (accuracy) compared to the Mijia and e-ink cleargrass?

I will order it so as to check, thanks for the link.

My current problem is that I don’t know against which certified reference I could compare them. I need to think about it.

Thank you for your effort as always.
I know what you mean, I have the same issue with not being sure which one to trust. I have esphome and OMG nodes with bme280, Mijia, and cleargrass e-ink, each showing a different value, though they all go up and down in temp and humidity pretty much in sync. I couldn’t find any documentation on needed calibration though.

It’s not strictly related to the topic, but maybe you guys can help me. I have seen in the specs of the “[Upgrade Version] Qingping ClearGrass Wireless USB WIFI Thermometer” that it has WiFi. Can I set up a custom MQTT server so it send the temperature readings periodically to my local MQTT server trough WiFi?

As I was able to retrieve data with ble I haven’t tried to do it by wifi. So as to do that you will have to disassemble the device and see if a custom firmware can be loaded.

Did you already tried to dissasemble the device? Can you share a high res picture of the inseide of the product? Does it have an esp8266? If yes, I might want to buy one and try to upload a custom firmware.