Question about the TTGo rtl433 Lora board

Yes I see, you’re right ‘module switching’ could be automated but it would not be much convenient.
In any case I need to check whether my RF sockets and PIR sensors are using the same encoding, if this is the case, a single gateway / encoding method will be enough.

By the way which ESP8266 board are you using?

Thanks again for your help!

I usually prefer the stock standard ESP8266, sometimes called NodeMCU DEVKIT 1.0 v2, over v3, just because they are slimmer and fit better on breadboards before I finalise my set-up and might get a PCB done.

But from reading other users set-up here virtually all ESP8266 broads should be suitable, even an ESP-01 recently for some project, if I remember correctly.

Which ESP8266 boards do you have?

I have several ones like devkit modules, D1s, NodeMCU Amica…

They should all be fine :slight_smile:

D1 are not listed (I like them as they are very tiny boards)…hope they do work.

BTW I checked the compatibility and yes indeed your configuration is not mentioned (ESP8266 + SRX882 / STX882) :wink:

Do a search for d1 mini here in the forum, and you should find :slight_smile: like


Sorry I just have one last question: ESP32 having built-in BLE do you know whether it would be possible to build a single ESP32 Gateway acting as RF & BLE simultaneously?

It would be, but not advisable with RF/RF2/Pilight, as during the (default) 10 seconds BLE scan every minute or so no RF signals could be received nor sent out.

For rtl_433_ESP, with devices like thermometers, weather stations, which send out their data in regular intervals, something is in the pipeline, but there again, not recommended for devices which would require immediate and singular recognitions, like PIR, contact sensors …

Ok understood.
Thanks again for the time spent answering all my questions, very much appreciated

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Is it possible to use the rtl_433_ESP lib with the SRX882 / STX882 radio?
Some state yes, but the docs says no.

Hi @kjetilsn,

please have a look at the updated Docs, which will be released with the next version, where we clarified the different board and radio combinations and their library/protocol compatibility.

So SRX882 / STX882 are not compatible with the rtl_433_ESP library.

Thank you DigiH,

That makes sense.

My challenge is tha the CC1101 performs very bad connected to a ESP32-DevKitM-1, with the rtl_433 lib. Cant get more than a few meter range with it, and I’ve read that others have the same issue. I have another older ESP32-DevKitC V4 with the CC1101 in pilight mode, which have ok range though, but pilight will not work with the ```
TS-FT002 Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Liquid Level Meter With Temperature Sensor"

It may be a faulty CC1101, or ESP board, hence I will assmble another one ant test again.


I can confirm that and have the same with my ESP32/CC1101 combo receiving rtl_433_ESP fridge/freezer thermometers - so with the gateway close to the fridge it is fine, but wouldn’t work over a longer distances.

My preferred rtl_433_ESP device with a better reception range, especially with the latest tweaks in the development branch, is the LILYGO® LoRa32 V2.1_1.6.1 433 Mhz board, but it also depends on how far away your TS-FT002 Wireless Ultrasonic Tank Liquid Level Meter is located.

Thanks again DigiH,

This is very interresting to know. I wonder what causes this short range?, maybe the ESP32 wifi or bluetooth radio or uC itself generate noise that disturbs the CC1101?
I dont think it is the case as the pilight version seem to work ok.

I did try making a simple quarter wave antenna for the CC1101 but id did surprisingly little to improve the range. I will follow your advise and buy a Liligo 433 board and test this with a good antenna.

It is quite some distance to the tank maybe 50 meters. But it should be doable as the display unit that comes with the tank meter works at that distance.

With the new LilyGo board you can also possibly bring it closer to the tank, so that the distance from tank to board to WiFi is shared :wink: something you might also already try with your ESP32/CC1101 set-up.

That is an option for sure if I have to. I’ve allready have outdoor wifi. But I would have to run a power cable, which is not ideal.

@DigiH I just wanted to thank you for your help, I have built another OMG RF device based on ESP8266 (D1 mini) and STX/SRX882. I have tested it on a set of ZAP RF 433 power plugs and all seems to be working fine.
I did not really understand how to make it work, I opened an MQTT Explorer client session with the OMG RF gateway being discovered and integrated in HA. I then used the remote control from the sockets to send ON / OFF signal. I captured the value in the MQTT Explorer client (you can also capture it from HA) and created an HA MQTT-based automation to send the ON / OFF value.

Next step is to check how to integrate my PIR sensors, I guess there’s value sent when motion is detected and another one when motion is no longer detected…I will investigate on it.

Again, thanks a lot for your help!



First testing of the Lilygo 433 board looks very good. I get repetative data from most of my outdoor sensors with the stock antenna placed indoor. So it looks likt this is a mutch better solution compared to using the CC1101 with a ESP32 Dev module. Thanks for the suggestion @DigiH !

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@kjetilsn, what version are you running? My Lilygo 433 T3 V1.6.1 stopped working when I tried to update to 1.5 OpenMQTT :frowning:

It was working with 1.4, but now it doesn’t

Hi bremby,

I’m running the v1.5.1 version which have worked fine for quite some time now.