RF 315Mhz Bridge

Hi team,

I own one of these natural gas fireplace that is controlled by a 315Mhz remote control (Actual fireplace user manual where I found that info).

I want to be able to control that appliance from my home assistant installation but I just cannot figure out what I need. Every RF research I have done leads me back to 433Mhz frequency and the sonoff RF bridge which, from my understanding, does not support 315Mhz.

Looks like I am going to need to setup OpenMQTTGateway 1 but what hardware should I be using to learn, send and receive 315Mhz RF signals ?

I have found this board from the supported device document but it is apparently not recommended.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

The transmitter is OK, but the receiver is shit.

is there any other option ?

This option seems to be compatible with both frequencies:

But I never tested it