RF Bridge's last hope

I want to integrate in Home Assistant my blind covers motors (7pcs) controlled by 433Mhz remote. Searched the manufacturer website and he is offering Broadlink as the IOT solution. And I said, why not RF bridge? So many people say it’s better (and cheaper)
Initial software - not recognizing the remotes, then I hacked it by disconnecting EFM8BB1 cip and flashed ESPhome and after that …Espurna direct. Other remotes working, but these Heiko …NO.
The ESPilight is the last option - do you think it will work if I flash the OMG to the hacked Sonoff Bridge ? (no EFM8BB1 link)?
Thank you and sorry if it’s a dumb question!


does your device is in the list of supported items by pilight?

No, as the motor manufacturer has branded the remote. But as I stated - tried with the rc_switch library and I have no other option than ESPilight, but to go for Broadlink (expensive and low range).
And I don’t want Broadlink - I want my RF Bridge to work this f…ing remotes.

If your current flash is not working, I think it worth trying to flash OMG in it. At first with ZgatewaySFRB option.
If still don’t work, try the Pilight option, but must do a hack on the PCB of the SF Bridge.

The hack is already done, that’s why I said it’s my last hope.
I will provide feedback either way.