Setup and build in PlatformIO

Thank for the project…
I am trying to built a LORA gateway on TTGO
When I build in PIO I get many (30+) errors. Obviously I am missing a file or something.
I have read and re-read the docs so, can I explain what I have done.
I have replaced the standard ini with the one from\OpenMQTTGateway-0.9.5
I have uncommented the one line default_envs = ttgo-lora32-v1
I have copied from\OpenMQTTGateway-0.9.5\main to main folder main.cpp, ZgatewayLORA.cpp, User_config.h & config_LORA.h
I had to rename .ino to .cpp
Then I build and get errors - mainly variable declarations in ZgatewayLORA.cpp.
What am I missing??