Totally unstable on ESP32 Dev 1.0 with BLE


Last week I compile 0.9.3 with BLE for my ESP32 dev Kit to monitor some Xiaomi probes in the house.

I discover the system completely unstable. See sysuptime in my Grafana.
Module is powered by 5V PS and is close to Wifi AP .
Is there something I can do to debug ?


What you are seeing are intermittent restart of the gateway that should not prevent it from scanning.
Nevertheless I agree this is not an expected behavior and I advise you to upload the v0.9.4beta which has been greatly improved in terms of stability for ESP32 BLE.

Note that if you test low power mode you will have the ESP32 to “restart” automaticaly every BLEinterval and by the way not have a relevant system uptime…

Is it possible to deactivate this standby mode ?

Yes per default it is deactivated. If you don’t change it, you will be in normal mode.