Update for rtl_433 v.2.0?

Looks like a big update came out last week for rtl_433 to v.2.0 adds more sensors and hopefully covers the Efergy one I am looking for.
Any ideas when the dev update will point to this one?

I’m doing more testing before the wider rollout, I want to ensure that it works really well. I found that releasing something, then having to patch it the next time is not a good experience.

No problems, happy to do any alpha testing if that helps.

Hello Sir
good to hear :slight_smile:
it’s seems it’s the problem I have too in my post : Ambient Weather F007TH
happy as well to run some tests if you want
having 4 devices around which would be detected with 0.2.0
thanks and great job.

With the promotion of this pull request today, development builds will include rtl_433_ESP v0.2.1 going forward.

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