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Xiaomi Mijia LYWSD03MMC - can't read values

hi, i bought this sensors i can connet it to OMG but only i see via mgtt is :

someone use them too and can halp me to recognize the values ?


I bought it to , but I didn’t succeed in reverse engineering it for the moment.

To help me integrated it, could you post at least 5 servicedata extract as you already did with the corresponding humidity and temperature values please?

sure, but it doesnt look fine :confused:
hum 38
temp 26,9
“id” : “a4:c1:38:”,
“rssi” : -61,
“distance” : 1.274439,
“servicedata” : “30585b053cc9642c38c1a408”,
“servicedatauuid” : “0000fe95-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb”

hum 39
temp 24,6

“id” : “a4:c1:38:”,
“rssi” : -81,
“distance” : 10.46739,
“servicedata” : “30585b0540c9642c38c1a408”,
“servicedatauuid” : “0000fe95-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb”

hum 39
temp 21,2

“id” : “a4:c1:38:2c:64:c9”,
“rssi” : -86,
“distance” : 16.54559,
“servicedata” : “30585b0544c9642c38c1a408”,
“servicedatauuid” : “0000fe95-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb”


It is the same thing with mine, the changing part of the service data looks more like a time counter rather a sensor value :

I hope an update would enable to have the same level of service data compared to other xiaomi products but for the moment we can’t retrieve the sensor values. It’s a pity because this sensor was small and cheap…

yes i get 3pcs for 14$ thats why i bough them. i dont have gateway so we have to wait.

Sorry for my English (google translate)
I think there is a solution in this project:

Yes, the solution is to generate a connection to the device as this ones doesn’t seem to broadcast its values.

I also ordered few these sensors (as the newest and as the most power saving).
What is the chance that the python script will be implemented in OpenMQTT?

Hi :slight_smile:
So I’m the next one with hand full of this sensors, looking for hope :wink:

Was there ever an update on these? Should I buy some or avoid?

@floyddotnet is working on it but encountered several issues, once implemented it generates instability.
It’s currently a work in progress


Maybe it’s worth to look at:


Does someone could test this implementation and see if it is working:

The one you refer doesn’t seem to work for me. However the one below did work, but very unreliable as of my 3 temp sensors only 1 was read and very sporadically the other 2. As I have only 1 esp32 around, it could be I have a bad unit and others might have better results.

Thanks for the link and your test! If somebody else can provide feedback on both links it would be helpfull.