0.9beta on Wemos D1 mini as RF gateway, some experience and troubles


Hi all,

After my Arduino UNO suddenly stopped responding to Arduino IDE and I couldn’t use it again, had to find a replacement.

I flashed a Wemos D1 mini board with 0.9beta (using FTDI adapter) with manual WiFi configuration enabled (later about it), left only ZgatewayRF uncommented and connected SRX882/STX882 to it:
Receiver SRX882: VCC -> 5V, DO -> D3
Transmitter STX882: VCC -> 3.3v, DATA -> RX

It works well so far, but obviously I had to change something in my Hass.io configuration.
Namely, for RF sources (like PIRs):
instead of
platform: mqtt
topic: !secret rf_bridge__topic
payload: ‘13937454’

I had to use:
platform: mqtt
topic: !secret rf_bridge__topic
condition: template
value_template: “{{ trigger.payload_json[‘value’] == 13937454) }}”

I also had to change a mqtt binary sensor that shows if the OMG is online
payload_on: “Online”
payload_off: “Offline”

payload_on: “online”
payload_off: “offline”

So far so good, thanks the author and everyone who contributed for their work.

What I newer was able to achieve is WiFi Manager configuration. I tried to configure the board with both 0.8 and 0.9beta using it (instead of hardcoding wifi and mqtt credentials).
First of all, it’s a bit confusing to click on Configure WiFi and see a lot of fields, some of them are actually about mqtt, but have not clear title or a divider from wifi parameters. I think wit would be better to just clearly mark them with MQTT settings header or the like.
I managed to configure it, but it loses the settings after disconnecting form power/Serial Monitor (don’t remember exactly), and sometimes I can see the OpenMQTTGateway AP but cannot connect to it.
In serial monitor it showed something like “failed to mount FS” and “unable to open config as writable” and started HTTP server to configure it.
So after several attempts I gave up and configure OMG manually. Don’t know if it’s a OMG bug or I did something wrong.

v.0.8 usually shows output in serial monitor, but 0.9beta is less predictable - it used to give output a day ago, but when I uploaded the latest master, I could see no meaningful output. As it worked (I could see mqtt messages from it) I just gave up as it’s beta after all.

Hope my feedback will help the developers and anyone using the same/similar config.