1.7.0 lillygo receiving nothing (was previously fine with 1.6)

Summary: recently reflashed lilygo with v1.7, Freq set to 433.92 and now no devices found.

Hi, I was previously running 1.6 which was successfully picking up devices. Devices are 433MHz in this country. I have a temp sensor that encodes with FSK so was interested to try 1.7

I see you can change active freq in the 1.7 web interface (default flash was 915 from memory) so I have set to 433.92MHz which I’m pretty sure it was in the previous setup (also tried 433.0MHz). Previously there were 5-50 items regularly reporting. Now I get no devices at all reported to MQTT.



For now you can either have an environment receiving FSK either the default receiving OOK.
In your case if you want to receive the OOK sensors you need to use lilygo-rtl_433 instead of lilygo-rtl_433-fsk.