433MHz Lora with cheap sensors-outlets


Can i use 433MHz RF libaries with TTGO or Heltec Lora ESP32? Because RF Receive/send Modules are really crappy…
Same question with an answer : https://github.com/jgromes/RadioLib/issues/8

433 Kit:



Came from:


Why not using superheterodyne ones :


Because nobody tried to receive 433Mhz cheap sensors-remotes signals with 433MHz Lora module

and Lora modules have good range than these kind of modules.

I dont have ant lora hardware… I wonder 433 Lora can catch any signals.


So as to answer to this question you need to identify the modulation used by your devices and see if the demodulation is supported by the lora module. After this there could be a library to decode these signals with the lora module but I m quite sceptical.
In all the case the 433mhz modules proposed are an easier way.