433Mhz Powerplug radio remote control is not creating any switch item

Hi together, I’m new with the great OMG project and I’m using a LilyGo board.
Several devices will be detected by the OpenMQTT Gateway webinterface. Also instances are created on my MQTT Server.
I’m trying to use a remote control of 433Mhz powerplug to create an entity in Homeassistant, which allow me to switch a powerplug from HomeAssistant by using the OMG as a 433 Mhz sending unit.
After a while, I’m having 69 MQTT entries and a few of them sounds like a power plug like WAVEMAN-SWITCH-2-J. But also a lot of SMOKE-GS558-… Devices are created, when I’m pressing the button on the 433 Mhz remote control.

But all these devices just show an rssi and no switch function.

Is there any trick available, to reach my goal?

Hallo and welcome @Stefan_Hartmann,

You very much seem to be in a similar situation as @petitxef here

The rtl_433 protocol binary you installed on your LilyGo is a receiving only protocol, and you won’t be able to control your 433 Mhz power plugs with it.

Have a look at all the links I posted in the other thread, and dpending on you power plugs/remote being with dip switches or self leaning you might also be able to control them with an ESP32 SRX882 receiver and STX882 transmitter combo.

The other protocols do not have HA auto-discovery though, so you would have to define any HA entries manually.

Hope this helps.

Hi DigiH,
thanks for your quick reply. I will check your post over the next few days and reply as soon as possible :slight_smile: