Control fan Lilygo Lora32 v2.1_1.6

First of all thanks for the help in advance!

I’ve a raspberry HA and recently I bought a lilygo LORA32 and flashed with rtl_433.

I use MQTT explorer to see the device that I can reach with the lora32, and one of them is my ceiling fan, but the model shows a “Smoke-GS558” :thinking:

On MQTT explorer show different info when I press the different key on the remote control, but alway updates:

{“model”:“Smoke-GS558”,“id”:275,“unit”:10,“learn”:0,“code”:“c0226a”,“protocol”:“Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558”,“rssi”:-80,“duration”:382000}

{“model”:“Smoke-GS558”,“id”:275,“unit”:10,“learn”:0,“code”:“c0226a”,“protocol”:“Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558”,“rssi”:-40,“duration”:311000}

Speed 1:
{“model”:“Smoke-GS558”,“id”:275,“unit”:10,“learn”:0,“code”:“a0226a”,“protocol”:“Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558”,“rssi”:-80,“duration”:563000}

Speed 2:
{“model”:“Smoke-GS558”,“id”:275,“unit”:10,“learn”:0,“code”:“60226a”,“protocol”:“Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558”,“rssi”:-80,“duration”:250000}

My question is: How can I send 433mhz signal to turn on (for example) to the fan?

Thank you so much!

Welcome and Hi again @petitxef

You still won’t be able to send any signals with your

lilygo LORA32 and flashed with rtl_433

as it is receiving only.

As I suggested to you in the other thread - your best bet is an ESP8266 or ESP32 with an SRX882 receiver and STX882 transmitter connected to it, to see which RCSwitch, KaKu or Pilight protocol might receive the states, which you will then also be able to send with said protocol.

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Thank you again DigiH!

For connecting SRX882/STX882 to and ESP32 or ESP8266, see

This is also how I control all my 433Mhz devices, with using my LilyGo rtl_433 only for receiving some other thermometers.

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Thank you so much!
I’ll need a deep dive :blush:

Get an ESP32, as this will also allow you to then use the WebUI to switch between the different modules, to see which protocol is the one for your fan.

Once you have the ESP32 with the SRX882 receiver and STX882 transmitter connected let us know if you have questions as to which binaries to install.

Ok, so now I’m very confuse and in my head I’ve a mix of things…

Dumb questions:

  • what’s easier: a SDL dongle or an ESP32 with the SRX882 receiver and STX882 transmitter?

  • what’s the difference between OMG and other software like RpiTx?

  • It’s possible to use the SRX882/STX882 under home assistant? I try to have as less as possible stuff laying around.

  • I’ve around a RX470-4 receiver & a WL102-341 transmitter. Will work?

Thanks again a sorry for my dumbs questions :sweat_smile:

SDL dongle would go into the rtl_433 direction again, only letting your receive rtl_433 compatible devices.If and how an SDL dongle might also be used for transmission I have absolutely no clue.

An SRX882/STX882 combo can usually be bought for very little money, depending on which country you are in for example on eBay or from China from Aliexpress, e. g.

Not really having any experience with RpiTx, all I can quickly see is that it only seems to be running on a RPi and only transmits RF, whereas OpenMQTTGateway runs on a lot cheaper ESP8266 and ESP32 devices, and the RF modules, apart from rtl_433, can receive and transmit.

Well, the SRX882/STX882 will be connected to an ESP32, and with OpenMQTTGateway installed all receiving will produce MQTT messages, and the transmission will also be issued over MQTT commands. So yes, these MQTT messages and commands are fully compatible with Home Assistant.

Again, no experience with either of them, but they don’t seem to be listed under the compatible RF devices for OpenMQTTGateway :wink:

Hope this helps.

Also a good idea tyo go through the OpenMQTTGateway documentation, especially the RF related Set it up and Use pages.

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Thanks DigiH!
Today I got a ESP32 and the STX882 / SRX882S, but I’m waiting for delivery the CC1101 module.

Now I’m lost with environment should I use, if I’m not wrong, should I use “esp32dev-rf”?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, I would start with this one, which contains the widely compatible rc-switch library.

See what you get when pressing the buttons on the fan remote.

Alternatively you can also try the esp32dev-pilight or a build with the RF2/KAKU library.

With the CC1101 you can then also use the esp32dev-multi_receiver-pilight binary, to be able to switch between the different libraries, but generally a single protocol gateway with an STX882 / SRX882 combo has a better range.

After a day trying with the esp32dev-rf, any button from the fan shows on the mqtt explorer:

I’m going to try as you suggest, the esp32dev-pilight and the RF2/KAKU

Shows or doesn’t show? Did you get any RFtoMQTT messages at all when pressing the remote buttons? In the screenshot above the gateway has only been up for 2 minutes.

There won’t be any HA discovery messages at all though, as with basic RF reception the HA integration will have to be added manually.

Sorry, my mistake! I did Not get any info pressing the buttons, and it show only 2 minutes just for take the screenshot, I was testing 1h, and nothing.
When I have time I will try the others environment :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi DigiH!
I’ve installed the C1101 module and mqtt shows the fan when I press one of the key in the fan:

{"model":"Smoke-GS558","id":275,"unit":10,"learn":0,"code":"b0226a","protocol":"Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558","rssi":-20,"duration":330996}

If I publish this code on MQTT explorer, nothing happen on the fan:

home/OpenMQTTGateway/commands/MQTTto433 -m '{"model":"Smoke-GS558","id":275,"unit":10,"learn":0,"code":"b0226a","protocol":"Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector GS 558","rssi":-64,"duration":325996}'

It’s correct the code?

I’m completely lost on this.

Thank you so much for the help and you patience!

The wiring of C1101 module (esp-wroom-32 38 pin) is like this:

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I’m afraid you are back at rtl_433, the receiving only library, which you initially had with your LilyGo :frowning:

I was counting on the fan remote also being captured by one of the three other l;ibraries which also allow for sending out commands. Which multi-RF or single-RF binaries did you install and try with the CC1101?
The connections look fine on your image above.

Thanks DigiH!

I installed "esp32dev-multi_receiver”, it’s the correct ?

Bad luck :sweat_smile:

That is fine, but you should switch between the different RF nodules in the WebUI or by MQTT commands and try with the ones not being rtl_433.

Then try the same with esp32dev-multi_receiver-pilight to test with the Pilight option active.

Which module is currently active can be seen by the RFtoMQTT active key. You want to try all, apart from 3, which again is rtl_433. So test the fan remote with 1, 2 and 4.

I switch to “esp32dev-multi_receiver-pilight” and now the code I receive when I press one button on the fan it’s different :slightly_smiling_face::


If I try this code to send to the fan, but nothing happen in the fan:

home/OMG_multi_receiver/commands/MQTTtoPilight -m '{"message":{"id":"F15","unit":63,"state":"off"},"protocol":"clarus_switch","value":"","repeats":2,"status":2}'`

How are you actually sending the command? In the MQTT Explorer Publish section?

And how about only sending the suggested JSON as in

home/OMG_multi_receiver/commands/MQTTtoPilight" -m '{"message":{\"id\":\"F15\",\"unit\":63,\"state\":\"off\"},"protocol":"clarus_switch"}'

I’m currently honestly not sure if the actual message nested JSON needs to be escaped as in the example or not when sending through MQTT Explorer :wink: as described at

Can you do a screenshot with sending the command in the MQTT Explorer Publish section, escaped and not escaped, and see which commands is actually being shown in the gateway messages then.