433mhz RFID keypad

I’m sure someone allread tryed it and i would like to know few infos about this 433mhz RFID keypad.

I know it from one of the seller’s communication on aliexpress that is communicates on 433mhz and uses EV1527 protocoll. So that means, OpenMQTT can handle it well.
My only question is, do i have to pair the rfid tags with the keypad and then if i use the correct one it sends it to the “alarm” system like a normal remote keyfob unlocks the system?
Or it sends over the correct keyfob’s id or specific code?
Is it sends the same code on every paired tags?
Is it sends different codes on each correct tags?

I hope my question is clear!

Thank you for your time!


Note that using this keypad for alarm deactivation is not safe due to the possibility of recording the deactivation signal coming from the keypad.

For use cases outside of security it should be ok.

Unfortunately I never had experience with it on my side.

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Yes, thank you! I’m sure 433 not the best for security. I just planning to use it as an rfid tag reader if it’s not sending the same unlock code on every different tags.
Maybe someone allready tested it. Ivll be patiance.

So? Noone use this keypad?