868mhz - how to?

Hello, I found OpenMQTTGateway, and I thought it could be very helpfull. There is one problem, I didnt find anything about 868mhz bridge or something like that. I need to clone code of my pilot for roller shutters. Could you help me with hardware? What i need? Can you help me with this topic?

Same here - was interested in using 868, but found little more than a category in the forum mentioning it together with 433 and 315, but no posts for it specifically. Any tips on that?

I’m gonna try this with the rfm69hw 868Mhz module. Will report if this works


Did you find a library that support rfm69 and your particular device, I think this is the first thing to seach for.

Hi! I didnt expect that it would be so interesting. I ordered one rx and tx module. Will try to do sth

Nice. Could you link us the model ordered ?