A new off the shelf 433mhz receiver based on ESP8266

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Nevertheless this ESP8266 board with an integrated RF receiver is quite interesting and fully compatible with OpenMQTTGateway.

Well, if it only receives signals, that’s not ideal especially for that price…

The aliexpress ad clearly states, “Make 433MHz RF devices App remote controllable.” and “Each zone can be arm or disarm separately”. This would give the impression that is must transmit to do these things. ah… but that’s the chinese for you.

Looking at the u2 chip (CMT2210LC), its a dedicated OOK receiver which is kinda nice because it off-loads the decoding work from the ESP.

When you flashed your image, it does not configure the chip to decode. So, it stayed in pass-through mode. This means you were not taking advantage of the power of this chip’s decoding features and left all the work for the ESP. This is a powerful little chip to have on the board if you know how to use it… This can allow your ESP to be heavily tasked without losing RF packets.

This is really not a bad price when you consider most ESP8266 boards and 433Mhz superheterodyne receivers (single quantities) will cost about $6 each. Then you have to connect everything, power it, and case it.

Yes I agree, i saw this and asked the question for confirmation.
Are you seeing on an electronical way how can sending could be performed ?

Thanks for the informations.

This chip is not capable of transmitting.

After reviewing the datasheet again, the only advantage this chip has over the SYN500R is lower power. In fact, with this chip, you lose gain control and RSSI pins.