Adding a custom RF protocol

I want to control my RF controlled kitchen exhaust hood using Home Assistant, and use OpenMQTTGateway as the RF gateway.
I managed to determine the protocol of the exhaust hood and I also managed to use the RCSwitch example code to send RF codes to the exhaust hood, so the protocol seems correct.

The RF protocol is:
{ 370, { 16, 1}, { 1, 2 }, { 2, 1 }, true };

What would be the best way to add the protocol to OpenMQTTGateway?
What would be the MQTT subject to send commands to?


PS: Somehow i can’t get reception of the code to work using RCSwitch examples and this same protocol, but that is another story. Though, if any can help me with that too, i’d appreciate it very much!


How did you identified this protocol definition?

The best way should be a pull request to the rcswitch repository, as it is not maintained I forked it if you want to add your protocol to it:

Okay, i’ll try to figure it out. (I’m a newbie :smile:)

Now I know there are better ways, but I indentified the protocol with an SDR. I recorded the reception from the RF remote, using AM. Then used Audacity to get a graphic view of the code. Last step was to visually analyse it.
Took me some time, but it works. :smile:

nice, do you have some tutorial to point for other users?