Adding already existing RF protocol decoders

I must confess, I realise this is probably a stupid question, but it’s not one I’ve been able to find an answer to. There are lots of pointers to adding protocols to the project, referencing pull requests to RCSwitch and such, but I am looking at “adding” one which I think already exists.
I have a weather station, which is recognised and decoded by the RTL_433 project as a Cotech 36-7959. Looking at the RTL_433 source code for the decoder, it says it is of type OOK_PULSE_MANCHESTER_ZEROBIT, which the OMG documentation lists as one of the 3 supported decoder types. However, the Cotech decoder is not in the list of decoders included in OMG.

That’s the bit that’s got me confused. If I’m reading the OMG docs correctly, the codec for my weather station should be included in standard builds, because it’s one of the 3 supported types of decoder, but it isn’t.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?


OpenMQTTGateway relies on ESP RTL433 library for RF

And indeed your protocol is included.

Did you test it with an ESP32 board? If yes which one and with which version of OMG?

Also are you able to retrieve other sensors.

Hi Florian, thanks for your reply.

Since making my post, I decided soffit, I’d got the hardware anyway, so I would try it, and it works!
I am using a lilygo lora32 board.

I think the list at RF gateways (433mhz/315mhz) | OpenMQTTGateway v1.5.1 must be incomplete, and there are more decoders in 1.5.1 than are in that list.

Thank you for your time, and for your work on the project <3