Adding device support?


I recently installed V1.6 of OpenMQTTGateway onto to a LilyGo Lora 433 ESP32 board and whilst it seems to work and seems to ‘see’ (hear?) loads of RF devices, it doesn’t see my Inkbird-ITH20R temp / humidity sensors?

I know they are working (2 x freezer 1 x fridge) as rtl_433 running on Home Assistant can see them and display the readings on my dashboard.

It was suggested that they had to remove some devices to get it all on the ESP32 so is it easy to remove some devices I’m not interested in and add things I am please?

I’m more an electronics / hardware guy so any coding would have to be very easy. :wink:

The Inkbird uses FSK modulation, and will need a custom build of OpenMQTTGateway to enable reception of FSK modulated signals.

Also I do not have an Inkbird device within my personal collection, so can not confirm that it is functional

Thanks very much for the reply and information.

Do I understand it correctly and that OpenMQTTGateway uses some of the code from rtl_433? If so, my Inkbird 433 sensors are seen by that integration ok so if I could just have support for them, that would be all I would need?