Addition of 433MHz to m5Stick-C (and compatible) with RF433R (SYN513R) Module?

A quick query, sorry if someone has brought it up before, I couldn’t see any information about it.

The m5stick and m5stack projects provide a number of add on sensors attached via grove ports.
one of these sensors is the fairly low cost RF433R 433MHz module, based on the SYN513R chip.

The product is here: RF UNIT 433MHz Receiver (SYN513R) | m5stack-store
and the specification is here:

Is there scope to have this device available as an additional sensor on the Stick/Stack firmwares? or is the module too limited?

If it were possible, it would make deploying a solution that is compatible with the protocol a little easier and less technical for end users.


I have never tried this module, one could test it and add it to the docs and environments if it is compatible.

I’ll see about getting one in the new year, if I have any success, I’ll update, but its something that may be beyond my skillset to implement.