Adjust Scan Intervals


How can I adjust the scan interval? I want that the gateway only fetches information from my devices once a day.


Hi @Florian_Lettner

What devices do you actually have? Do they require active scanning or are they fine with passive scanning only?

You can see if your devices require active scanning by setting Advertisement and advanced data to true. If the MQTT output then has an "acts":true, it means that this device requires active scanning to fetch all decodable data, if not passive scanning is enough to fetch this device’s data.

With passive scanning it doesn’t matter how often you get and decode the data, as it doesn’t affect the devices’ battery life at all, active scanning has a small effect on the battery, and therefore can be set with a different interval than passive scanning, both described in the docs at

although as it is set in milliseconds it doesn’t quite allow for a 24 hour interval.

Hope this helps

Hi @DigiH,

Thanks for your quick response. I’m using Xiaomi MiFlower sensors to monitor my plants.

Unless you know whether they need active scanning or not, I try the advertising option.

What I noticed is that there’s the scan interval parameter, which is set to 60min. Is this the active scanning interval?