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"All in One" PCB for OpenMQTTGateway

I have designed and tested a PCB for OMG. It comes with the following features:

  • IR (RX/TX)
  • RF (RX/TX)
  • PIR
  • DHT
  • Bluetooth

It is based around the ESP8266. Right now there is only a SMD version of the Board available, although all components are easy to solder. But if there is demand I maybe design a THT version as well.

You can find all further here:

Next steps will be to design a Case around it, and then maybe a version which doesn’t use all the modules separately, instead has all the components directly on the PCB, but we will see.

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Amazing job! I would suggest to add a LDR (light) sensor and than we can keep it to use in our TV room. Thanks for sharing!