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Android Smartphone BLE not found

Both my Smartphone (OnePlus 7T) and Tablet (Lenovo) MAC adress do not appear under the BLE BTtoMQTT topic.

I even installed the “Beacon Simulator” app, but still nothing. Is there something I can do about this?


Do you see other devices into BTtoMQTT ?

Did you tried with beacon simulator to create beacons ?

Also note that yours smartphones may have a native mechanism that prevent him for being discovered for privacy concerns.

Yes to both.

I see the Phone with a name on the bluetooth of my PC, the Tablet etc, and also the Tablet on my Phone, PC etc.

Quite Strange!

You see these for classic bluetooth connections not as a BLE devices.
Try nRFConnect app, go to the advertisew tab and create several Beacons with the “scannable” option

It works with the nRF App. But not with Beacon Simulator. Interesting. Thanks!

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