Anyone using Puck.js with OMG and MQTT?

I’m slightly beyond amateur with this stuff but I have bought a couple Puck.JS devices and have a M5stickC that I can flash. I’d like to get temp readings, display LED colors and perhaps detect a button press from the device. Just wanting to see if anyone has done this before I start to fight with it. Using OpenHAB as a home automation system over MQTT.


This is the first time I heard of puck.js thanks for bringing it to my knowledge !

Happy to help. Let me know if you get anything done with it!

As it is a programmable device you have several possibilities:

  • develop a puckjs firmware dedicated to OMG and propose the code modification for OMG accordiyingly
  • develop a puckjs firmware sticking to an existing BLE device format compatible with OMG (for temp readings)
  • there is also maybe some already available puckjs firmware that does what you want, and in this case, you just need to submit a PR to OMG repository