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Arduino Nano or even Pro Mini?

First of all, really great project you have here! Thank you for all of your work! And especially, thank you for being civilized and sharing it under a Free Software license! :smiley:

I read in at least one place that you recommend Arduino Mega with W5100. I may get to that eventually (after adding multiple TX/RX devices) but to start out I just want to do 315/433Mhz TX/RX. Do you think there are enough resources on an Arduino Nano for that (I guess I would use a Nano, at least in testing, as it would be easiest to power for something that will be plugged in all the time)?

I am imagining the IP stack is the limiting factor / biggest bit of code?

You have enough resources on the nano to run OMG (if it is one with atmega328p this is the same uC as the UNO), I don’t think it has been tested but you could use a shield like this one :

If you don’t use DHCP it should be OK for the IP stack, I have checked with PIO and you should be able to build with these parameters:

platform = ${com.atmelavr_platform}
board = nanoatmega328
lib_deps =
build_flags = 
Checking size .pio\build\nano-rf-test\firmware.elf
Advanced Memory Usage is available via "PlatformIO Home > Project Inspect"
DATA:    [=======   ]  68.7% (used 1407 bytes from 2048 bytes)
PROGRAM: [==========]  97.3% (used 29896 bytes from 30720 bytes)