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Auto discovery (433MHz KAKU) device types

Reading the code, and getting my first experiences with OpenMQTTGateway in Home Assistant, it seems any KAKU (RF2) device discovered is automatically discovered and added as a switch device.

I’m figuring out how these could be configured to be of different types and I have some working templates ready (light, cover).

No I’m trying to figure out what would be the most user friendly method to differentiate these types or allow a user to select the preferred type.

Two options I’ve come up with:

  1. some sort of pre-configuration (based on device ID’s) in the firmware
  2. a separate tool/interface to make the configurations

The first seems really user unfriendly. The second might be a little better, but then the question is where/home to implement it.

I’m hoping someone might have some thoughts to share on this.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

For anyone interested in my progress, I’ve uploaded my PoC to Github:

This script:

  • reads OMG configs from MQTT
  • uses a defined mapping to apply some templates (yaml)
  • merges this with the specified configuration.yaml from HASS

Exmaple to call the script:

  • Update the paths
  • Update the mappings
  • Execute: ./ > core/config/
  • Compare the old and new config and overwrite if it looks good