BBQ Probes AlfaBot K1 and AIPROBER JX268

I recently bought a Wireless BBQ Probe and for my surprise got gifted another BBQ Probe Set for my birthday.

I would like to ask if support of those Probes is possible:

AlfaBot K1 Probes:

The set consists of two probes that connect to the Base Unit. The base uses tuya app. As checked with nRF Connect i couldn´t find a UUID wich might contain the temperature on the Basestation.

The Probes seem to notify the temperatures on UUID: 0xFFF5 if not connected to the Basestation. When connected to the Basestation the probes disapear in nRF connect. So i was guessing maybe its possible to use the probes without the basestation to report the temperature to mqtt.


The Set also consist of two probes and a dock. The base connects to the AIPROBER App. As it seems both the probes and the base report Temperature in 1°C Steps, Batterylevel and their ID.

On the base the string is alternating between the IDs of the probes and the base. The ID of the Probes consist ot their Complete Local Name and or MAC in reverse. Probe mit Complete Local Name “TPB0C24” will be ID “24-0C”.



As i only can upload one picture as new user i uploded them here:

AIPROBER2 - Basestation
AIPROBER2 - Probes

The other Links:

AlfaBot K1 - Basestation
AlfaBot K1 - Probes

Hi @RoqueStrongo

Currently the reception and decoding of Bluetooth devices is only really done through their freely broadcast BLE advertising data, not by connecting/subscribing to certain service/characteristics.

While there is some advertising data shown in your screenshots, could you take some more readings with pubadvdata":true and monitor the received messages with MQTT Explorer, to see if the advertisment data changes with different temperatures?