Beehivemonitoring(.com) devices / howto add support

Hi all

I reverse engineered the BLE devices from (beehive scales, sensors (hive heart, …) here / (GitHub - JoeRu/beehivemonitoring_devices: This is a documentation-project for the very good products of It will make you able to get the data from the products wether by reading the BLE with an own BLE device or via API from the data-website.) and would like to add the support of that devices to this project.

I checked the open mqtt repository but find it rather hard to find an example on #howto add code for a device.

Maybe you can give me a hand/ example on that behalf?

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That’s great, I have family that has hives and I would love to help them with this.

The ble decoding of OMG has been externalized into a library so that it can be used by different projects and platform:

To add a decoder:

Here is an example of PR that add a device:

Note that by adding to decoder, the device will be available for OMG(esp) and Theengs Gateway (windows, unix)

And finaly @h2zero just added MQTT2MQTT decoding to Theengs gateway:

So that the python gateway can be leveraged with OMG even if the ESP doesn’t have the device decoder (close to what you have done)

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Thanks. That’s a lot of read. I’ll give it a try the next weeks.

@JoeRu Very interesting project! Never realised that bee keeping was so technologised already, especially impressed with the Bee Counter :wink:

Will be great to see these devices/sensors included in Theengs Decoder.

Might be an idea to create a topic in the Decoder Discussions for this to bounce some ideas/issues back and forth

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Hi @JoeRu thanks for this work! I am trying solve the same, but I am not programer. In generall I would like to have some ble gateway idealy on ESP32 and forward info from hive heart to mqtt home assistant.

I was trying to use and ble client to collect data, but I am not able to get the data.