BFour Wireless meat thermometer

I’ve got a bluetooth BFour Wireless meat thermometer that I’m hoping can be included as a supported device. It shows up as “Grill BT5.0”. Here is the data I see when I connect and look from nRF Connect on Android:

Company: Reserved ID <0x1101>
Complete Local Name: Grill BT5.0

The device has 6 temp probe inputs each represented on the “Unknown Characteristic” 0xFFB2 value in columns. For example, probe 1 values show up in columns 3 and 4 if reading left to right., probe 2 is columns 5 and 6, etc…

the value shows up as hex representations of tenths of a degree in celsius. For example, 00-F0 = 240 = 24.0C

Any other info needed to add this as a supported device?

Hi @knchris,

OpenMQTTGateway generally uses the Theengs Decoder library for BLE devices, which currently means that only freely broadcast advertisement data is being considered for decoding, but not service/characteristics which are only available through connection.

Does the Grill BT5.0 also advertise its temperatures in advertisement data?

Best to verify with setting Advertisement and Advanced Data to true in your BLE OMG gateway and monitoring the device’s MQTT messages, but should also be visible in nRFConnect under the advertisement data section.