BL and iPhone doesnt work

Why i cant see my iPhone Bluetooth in OpenMqttGateway?

How can i activate this??


Hi @ChrisM

You can activate seeing your iPhone Bluetooth messages by setting randommacs to true

but as the name and description already indicate, these Handoff, AirPlay Source, FindMy, AirDrop etc. messages get published with constantly changing Bluetooth MAC addresses and are therefore not really usable to track one certain iPhone. This is also the reason why they are not shown by default.

Thanks - it is just for excises- just the possibility to do. Just playing around. Is it also possible show the name of Device? But first time thanks for help and assistance.

Greetings Chris

Sorry English is not my language - maybe I misunderstood you.

From my experience the name only shows, even on other Apple devices, if theses devices are logged into the same iCloud account as the iPhone.

So unfortunately something well out of the scope of OpenMQTTGateway.

Your best bet to track your iPhone is to install a Bluetooth Beacon app on your iPhone, which allows regular broadcasts with the same MAC address.

If you set randommacs to true and can now see the various messages with their changing MAC addresses you did understand me correctly.

Out of curiosity, what is you native language?

My language is German … enough to try. I will try it next days.When I have questions I ask in this forum.

Thanks Chris