BLE and ESP32 dev environment




I see a lot of strugling around BLE function of ESP32, to sump up here is the results of my tests:

The wiki is updated with the good links


I can now confirm that finally it is working ! At least for 24 hours
Thank you !


Hi. I moved on to a Pi Zero W solution. Will try this again some time…


I compiled as described but esp will disconnect from WiFi after a while


How did u proceed, wanna move to raspi too as esp seems unreliable and unstable for the moment


What about the ble temp sensor? Works also with it ?


Please don’t hijack this thread dedicated to ESP32


After how much time the esp is disconnecting?
Was it connected to the serial monitor to have some traces?



I’m kind puzzled because I got a esp32 working right for almost two weeks after carefully followed those instructions but then I had a few problems with my MQTT (mosquitto) VM and found that my esp32 didnt handled that very well. So I did a git pull and tried the new 0.8 version. Now I’m back to “Task watchdog got triggered. The following tasks did not reset the watchdog in time: - IDLE (CPU 0)”. I didnt upgraded the arduino or any other library (at least, not that i know :slight_smile: ). Did I missed something? Is it possible that the arduino IDE updated a library automatically?