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BLE - Beacon for LUX or CO2 Sensors on Battery (CR2032)

Dear all,
I ve been using the atc1441 firmware for almost 5 months with OpenMQTT - It is super reliable and stable (behind there is a Mosquitto + HomeAssistant + Grafana).
Thanks to this very positive experience i would like to replicate this architecture for more battery powered sensors like BH1750 for LUX Meter and CMJS-811 for eCO2 .

I am looking for a BLE-MCU that can run on CR2032 and that can “beacon” values to the OpenMQTTGateway (mine is running on ESP32).

What are your recommendations ?
Should we try to reuse the Telink TLSR82** MCU and adapt the ATC firmware ? or NRF52 ?

Thank you guys


It really depends on your needs and competencies. As a first approach I would look for the off the shelves devices.
If you want to design, build and test something this is where the competencies are significant for the choices.
Which chips and development IDE are you familiar with ?

If you want to make a custom device that uses open source firmware I recommend nRF devices. I am working on porting the NimBLE library to support nRF as well as others and have also developed an arduino core around it that will be available soon.

FWIW, in the current state I have one of my devices (nRF51) running on a CR2032 for the last 2 months using this and the battery is still 97%. This is on highly optimized for battery app code though :).

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Thank you so much h2zero for your answer. Very amazing. I was stuck without any progress. I am looking forward to leverage your effort. Let me know where do you share your hard work. Many thanks -

@artgeek_hk_paris the NimBLE-Arduino library on github 2.0.0-master branch is working with NRF devices currently. The arduino core that supports it is private at the moment but nearly complete and will be made public in the coming weeks if time permits. You can follow me on github and should be notified then when it is available, I will also post a reply here.