BLE Device Not Detected

Wanted to try OpenMQTTGateway as an alternative to room-assistant/ESPresence and come across an annoying problem

After taking a while to get this setup and working on an ESP32-S3 I finally got into MQTT to find a massive list of discovered devices just not the 1 device I need to track! Typical, my luck lol

Anyway its a JayLee type iB004N sensor (N51822 chipset). It is discovered in room-assistant/ESPresence no problem and I can see it in BLEScanner on my phone no problem but OpenMQTTGateway just doesn’t see it

What are my troubleshooting steps here?

Upped the log level using the UI on the IP of the ESP, did a restart, checked log and it has detected the device, it shows device detected and shows its mac, for some reason though its not published to MQTT…

Got it!

Even though it doesn’t have a random mac I still had to set “randommacs”: true for it to work

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Hi @liamstears

OpenMQTTGateway uses the Theengs Decoder library to recognise and decode BLE devices and to publish decoded decoded devices.

While we have the JaaLee F525 sensor included with sending temperature, humidity and battery level, the iB004N does not seem to have any temperature sensor included. Correct me if I’m wrong there.

With it showing up with “randommacs”: true it sounds as if it might be using the Apple FindMy broadcast protocol, which is generally only used by devices which randomly change their MAC addresses and because of that is tagged with type RMAC and filtered out as a default.

Could you post a sample JSON output for the device, also with Advertisement and advanced data set to true, so we can better understand what protocol the JaaLee iB004N uses.