BLE - Lot of BT around my house

Hi there all,
because I wait that the BLE sensor arrive,
I just play with the OMG on a ESP32 module (BLE)
and I receive a lot of BT ID around my house…
Is this normal please ?

Thanks all


Yes, this is normal.
Nowaday we have plenty of ble devices around us.

Thnks for the answer Flo.

I have another question please… I just play with the Beacon Simulator
but I dont understand if the UUID that I set in the simulator,
must be the ID from the MQTT topics.

I ask this because I find a lot of BT IDs but I can’t find the Beacon Simulator one.
…or maybe is there but I don’t know witch one is…

Thanks a lot again

UUID and the ID are two different things. What shows up as the ID in the MQTT topics is the MAC address of your phone, which should also be visible in the Beacon Simulator app, but

  • the MAC address is automatically managed by Android, and will change for each new EID rotation

(taken from the app description)

Thanks a lot Digi for the answer :slight_smile: