BLE sensor connect / read

Sorry, but I must ask a stupid question, but I can´t find the answer by myself.

I have setup a OMG BLE gateway, that works and will send data to my mqtt server.
It scans for devices, and there is a sensor that i build by myself.
The Sensor is working fine, testet with nRF connect, there I can connect to the sensor and read the data of it.
But after the scan with the OMG BLE, when it comes to the conncet:
BLE Connect begin
BLE Connect end

And here is my question, what I have to do, to conect to the sensor and get the data of it???
So how do I connect the gateway to a ble device? Sorry, but i can´t find that.

Thanks in front for any help!

HI @Miliano,

Generally the BLE gateway only picks up, decodes and publishes freely advertised broadcast BLE messages from sensors.

To read your sensor’s info you can use the READ functionality of OpenMQTTGateway

or if you continually want to monitor your sensor possibly think about changing its operating mode to also broadcast its data through BLE advertising.

Hope this helps.

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First of all: thanks for the explain!

But that is not realy “smart”. :wink: If a ble device is not paired, everybody can connect to it. Same with broadcast, everyone can receive the data. That is not really save and so not really usefull for me.

Correct, very similar to other OMG protocols, like RF, being able to be received by anyone in the vicinity of the devices.

For Bluetooth READ/WRITE commands to be able to securely connect to devices requiring a pairing key you will have to wait for this PR to be finalised and eventually merged into OpemMQTTGateway

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It is being worked on that?
That would be perfect! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
Lets wait what comes first - OMG secure BLE or the ESP32 H2 (This on would make the world that much easyer :wink: )