Bluetooth MQTT Iobroker

I find this really great what you can do everything.
I have recently started to deal with it and therefore I do not know it well.

My plan is to install an esp32 with openmqttgateway in each room.
About Bluetooth should be recognized who is in the house / room.

How can I make it so that only certain mac addresses are scanned and only those are transmitted via mqtt.
I use iobroker and would like to check the presence.

can someone help me ?

many greetings

Look at the docs, you could use the white list feature:

Thanks for the link,

but where exactly do I enter this ?
I use the mqtt broker from iobroker.
and it cripples the broker because it finds so many devices

You need to send this as a MQTT message to your device. You can use any MQTT client software which supports publish and subscribe actions for this. For quick testing I personally use MQTTLense but there are many other options available.
Within MQTTLense you enter the topic and the payload like this and choose the “retained” flag:

Then you click on ‘PUBLISH’ and the message is sent to the device.

ok, just for understanding
i make a mqtt connection to the esp32 and set the whitelist there?
i thought the esp32 is a client.

No, you make the connection from your computer to the MQTT broker with the MQTT client software (e.g. MQTTLense). You send the message with the correct topic to the MQTT broker and the broker will forward the message to the ESP32 client (because the ESP32 has subscribed to receive notifications from this topic).
So it is important to type in the correct topic as shown in the docs. You will have to replace the second part of the topic with the name of your ESP32 (replace /OpenMQTTGateway/ with the name you gave to your ESP32 device).
This is basic MQTT stuff, the general concept is explained for example here.

Finally made it.
Thank you very much for the help.

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